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Ansel Elgort


Ansel Elgort
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iciI feel like Atlas, I got my back stretched
You wanna grab this, you don't understand this
I keep it oppressed, work on my realness
Reading my manif...
The sky, supernova

I met you in California
You told me you loved him in Georgia
Your heart's in the ground, frozen over
My heart's in the sky,...

supernova (90+)

ray lamontagne - supernova


So you and me we've been hanging out now
Ever since we were kids just kicking around this town...

Ray LaMontagne

fear factory - supernova


This ever changing world ever changing me
It feels new pathways for my soul to see ...

Fear Factory

liz phair - supernova


I have loved all over the place
But you have got my favorite face ...

Liz Phair

charlotte oc jonas blue and dark heart - supernova


Cold eyes blank stare
Faces on a bus but I just don't care ...

Charlotte OC Jonas Blue and Dark Heart

within temptation - supernova


I'm waiting for you supernova
I'm waiting for you supernova ...

Within Temptation

ray lamontagne - drive-in movies

Drive-In Movies

I spent all my childhood years
Wishin' that I looked like a movie-Star...

Ray LaMontagne

ray lamontagne - smashing


Listen to the sound of the seaside crashing
Cloak on a hook in the hallway smashing...

Ray LaMontagne

ray lamontagne - ojai


I've been a saviour
A sideman a stranger stung...

Ray LaMontagne

ray lamontagne - no other way

No Other Way

I will bring you starlight by the barrow
I will bring you roses by the score...

Ray LaMontagne

ray lamontagne - julia


Julia were so glad you found the time
(We're so glad you found the time 'cause it ain't easy)...

Ray LaMontagne

ansel elgort (5+)

logic and ansel elgort - killing spree

Killing Spree

Ass titties pussy money weed
Everywhere I look a killing spree ...

Logic and Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort - home alone

Home Alone

Time told all
I was stranded in my head ...

Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort - thief


Call me a thief
There's been a robbery ...

Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort - supernova


I feel like Atlas I got my back stretched
You wanna grab this you don't understand this ...

Ansel Elgort

ansel elgort - all i think about is you

All I Think About Is You

I'm supposed to be happy and free
Everyone is talking to me ...

Ansel Elgort