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elisa jo - back around

Back Around

Now i’m looking through the rain
I know the time will finally past...

Elisa Jo

elisa jo - two legs

Two Legs

I feel on the high heels of my leather boots
My fingers are on the trigger ready to shoot you down...

Elisa Jo

elisa jo - the fight

The Fight

You broke my wings I was about to fly...

Elisa Jo

elisa jo - milk and honey

Milk and Honey

Give me your hand let me your cheeks...

Elisa Jo

elisa jo - defeated


Torn all up inside
it'll end in suicide...

Elisa Jo

jabberwocky and elisa jo - late nights

Late Nights

Teach me how to forget the things I've done
Killing time ruling to the yellow stars ...

Jabberwocky and Elisa Jo

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