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kane brown - granddaddy s chair

Granddaddy's Chair

I remember you in the rocking chair
I was in my boots and my underwear ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - better place

Better Place

Baby if your dream is forty acres and a house
Porch going all the way around ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - rockstars


We take a drive just to sing along
Every word of them Rolling Stones ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - comeback


Six months passed since we both said goodbye
Never thought that I'd run into you here tonight ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - cold spot

Cold Spot

A cement building
White cinderblocks ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - pull it off

Pull It Off

It could be a black dress high heels
Ripped up torn up Lucky Jeans ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - thunder in the rain

Thunder in the Rain

Your lips your eyes don't wanna let go
Your skin on mine I'm losing control ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - learning


Learning learning learning

Kane Brown

kane brown - what ifs

What Ifs

You say what if I hurt you what if I leave you
What if I find somebody else and I don't need you ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - hometown


Oh Mr. Jackson cuts his grass after church on his tractor only after listening to the country countdown
He remembers all the 3 court sessions giving......

Kane Brown

kane brown - heaven


This is perfect
Come kiss me one more time ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - found you

Found You

I'd be sitting in the same old bar
Heart breaking on a broken bar stool ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - what s mine is yours

What's Mine Is Yours

Wasn't really looking when you caught my eyes
Just another town just another night ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - live forever

Live Forever

Life was just breathin' in and out
Like a movie with the sound turned down ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - american bad dream

American Bad Dream

Remember when ninth grade was about gettin' laid
Skippin' class tryin' not to get caught ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - my where i come from

My Where I Come From

There's a few more churches than there are bars
A hell of a lot more trucks than there are cars ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - one night only

One Night Only

I'm feeling your vibe you got my attention
When you walked in here with nobody with you ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - work


They say don't go to bed angry
They say always kiss goodnight ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - short skirt weather

Short Skirt Weather

Oh my baby's made for short skirt weather
Yeah she makes me wish summer would just go on forever ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - it ain t you it s me

It Ain't You, It's Me

Barefoot front porch swingin' here all alone
Tracing my steps tryna figure out what went wrong ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - good as you

Good as You

See the way you're taking care of your Mama
The way you're taking care of me ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - baby come back to me

Baby Come Back to Me

Baby come back to me
Give me one more chance ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - lost in the middle of nowhere

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere

Passed our exit five ago
Four lanes to county roads ...

Kane Brown

chris young and kane brown - setting the night on fire

Setting the Night on Fire

10 P.M. most folks are sleeping
But it's the weekend ...

Chris Young and Kane Brown

kane brown - i love that i hate you

I Love That I Hate You

Everything we used to do went wrong
Haven't shed one tear since you've been gone...

Kane Brown

kane brown - ain t no stopping us now

Ain't No Stopping Us Now

We'll be road trippin' rollin' with the top down southbound
Little bikinis and white sand ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - lose it

Lose It


Kane Brown

kane brown - weekend


It's 4:30 Friday I get off at 5:00
I come into your place you come into mine ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - homesick


Dancing in the kitchen
You singing my favorite songs ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - there goes my everything

There Goes My Everything

Everything everything everything

Kane Brown

kane brown - excuses


Always stayin' out late get off at 8
But you come to door at 3 ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - wide open

Wide Open

Just a slow down small town
Just a deep south home crowd ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - last minute late night

Last Minute Late Night

I know it's late to be callin' whatcha doin' right now?
I couldn't wait til tomorrow to get to takin' you out ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - used to love you sober

Used to Love You Sober

Life was great
Wouldn't change a thing ...

Kane Brown

kane brown - like a rodeo

Like a Rodeo

Love is like a rodeo rodeo rodeo rodeo
Love is like a rodeo rodeo rodeo rodeo ...

Kane Brown

marshmello and kane brown - one thing right

One Thing Right

I've cheated and I've lied
I've broke down and I've cried ...

Marshmello and Kane Brown

brooks dunn and kane brown - believe


Old man Wrigley lived in that white house
Down the street where I grew up ...

Brooks Dunn and Kane Brown

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