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logic - the incredible true story

The Incredible True Story

Living life on the east coast
Way back in the day trying to beat most...


logic - run it

Run It

Me and my team gotta intervene
What's the point of livin' if you ain't livin' a dream?...


logic - never been

Never Been

I've been workin' like I've never been
I struggle every day but I just can't let the devil in ...


logic - city of stars

City of Stars

I know that you think this song is for you
I used to long for you when you do you...


logic - lord willin

Lord Willin'

Okay now this how I'm feeling
Lately I'm like the villain...


logic - i am the greatest

I Am the Greatest

(I am the greatest)
Fuck 'em all I'll never love 'em I'm way up...


logic - upgrade


Aye let me just rap
I've upgraded while they've waited ...


logic - fade away

Fade Away

All day (All day) everyday (Everyday)
We was on that block until we made a way (Made a way) ...


logic - contact


Destabilization complete. Prepare for departure
Took you long enough ...


logic - waiting room

Waiting Room

So we waiting for what?


logic - mos definitely

Mos Definitely

I don't know what I'ma do
I don't know where I'ma live ...


logic - take it back

Take It Back

Take it back take it way back
Take it way way back to the first black man ...


logic - hallelujah


So here we go here we go
Am I ready? Are you ready? Are they ready? Are we ready? ...


logic - till the end

Till the End

It's the type of shit they read about
Like chris said I gotta bleed it out...


logic - under pressure

Under Pressure

Work so fucking much my greatest fear is I'mma die alone
Every diamond in my chain yeah that's a milestone...


logic - nikki


I can feel you in my lungs feel you in my veins
Bloodstream only way to make it to my brain ...


logic - metropolis


Sometimes I feel like I've drifted I feel different I feel gifted
I've been high so long don't need to smoke to get lifted...


logic - never enough

Never Enough

When that liquor get po' up
And that green get roll up...


logic - growing pains iii

Growing Pains III

Outside I can hear 'em bussin' bussin'
And the police they rushin'...


logic - bounce


Living good I've been living good
Rolling through my hood understood ...


logic - gang related

Gang Related

Yeah livin' life like this
Gotta paint a picture when I write like this...


logic - i m gone

I'm Gone

Living life like this is so crazy
This world is amazing...


logic - soul food

Soul Food

God damn god damn conversations with legends
Crazy how one day your idols can turn into your brethren...


logic - soul food

Soul Food

God damn god damn conversations with legends
Crazy how one day your idols can turn into your brethren ...


logic - alright


And no-one ever listens
To a word I say ...


logic - now


Fuckin' with me now fuckin' with me now
Goddamnit now they damn it now they ...


logic - now


Fuckin with me now fuckin with me now
Goddamnit now they damn it now they...


logic - last call

Last Call

Ayo real talk 6ix
As soon as you played me this joint I already knew ...


logic - legacy


How do you want to be remembered?
As being rich? ...


logic - street dreams ii

Street Dreams II

Uh suddenly I'm in the whip
With the gat full clip ...


logic - ysiv


It's that Young Sinatra IV shit right here
Rest in peace Mac Miller ...


logic - the glorious five

The Glorious Five

Uh yeah
We gon' let this shit rock ...


steely dan - pretzel logic

Pretzel Logic

I would love to tour the Southland
In a traveling minstrel show ...

Steely Dan

logic - lost in translation

Lost in Translation

Yeah turn my headphones up just a little more
Just a little bit ...


logic - limitless


You the man you know you the man
Rollie on your hand it's the jam ...


logic - cocaine




logic - pardon my ego

Pardon My Ego

Five hundred thousand for a one-off
Hit the stage I rage and then I run off (uh) ...


logic - out of sight

Out of Sight



logic - clickbait


You are amazing you are amazing you are amazing you are
You are amazing you are amazing you are amazing you are ...


logic - wannabe


How much does fame weigh?
A gram ...


logic - 44 more

44 More

Ay bitch I been goin' and goin' like the Energizer
Yeah I'm supplyin' the wood like Elijah ...


logic - warm it up

Warm It Up

You you you you you you you you you you
You you you you you you you you you you ...


logic - slave


Hey-oh hey-oh hey-ey-oh
Hey-oh hey that hey-oh hey-oh hey ...


logic - 44 bars

44 Bars

If you're dealing war backwards stay far
We're dealing with truths and rights ...


logic - studio ambience at night: malibu

Studio Ambience at Night: Malibu

Feel it when I murder so much further
I could go and so I look up to the sky ...


logic - super mario world

Super Mario World

Lemme shout out bobby cuz 6ix in there like
"Oh my goodness" ...


logic - a word from our sponsor

A Word from Our Sponsor

Let's see here uh 301-776 43
This motherfucker better pick up the Goddamn phone this time Jesus Christ ...


logic - slave ii

Slave II

East side west side we ride we die everyone knows
Everyone knows everyone knows ...


logic - the jam

The Jam

Buck buck buck buck booyakasha!


logic - illuminatro


Ah bro
It's been a hell of a ride up ...


logic - wizard of oz

Wizard of Oz

Bitch I've been runnin' my city like I am the Wizard of Oz
I don't do this shit for nothin' but the family and the squad ...


logic - midnight


Everybody know I be
Everybody know I be (yeah) ...


logic - yuck


My name is Paul Rothenberg attorney at law
And I hereby ratify and confirm that Logic is motherfucking paid ...


logic - boomtrap protocol

BoomTrap Protocol

Let me get up in this bitch like "What's good ho?"
Grippin' this grain I spit to release the pain ...


logic - contra


Yeah yeah
The tunes on here? That shit sound good ...


logic - grandpa s space ship

Grandpa's Space Ship

Hey uh Grandpa Rick can we maybe
Maybe I can pick what we listen to next? You know ...


logic - overnight


Yeah maybe this should just be the intro like this
That's it squad bitch ...


logic - everybody dies

Everybody Dies

Yeah fuck that shit


logic - the return

The Return

(Satisfy) yeah yeah yeah ...


logic - flexicution


I'm like oh God oh oh my God ...


logic - like woah

Like Woah

I've been feeling like a mothafuckin' postman
Sending letters to the people ...


logic - everybody


Okay I was gone for a minute but I'm back now
Sit the fuck back down ...


logic - under pressure

Under Pressure

Work so fucking much my greatest fear is Imma die alone
Every diamond in my chain yeah that's a milestone...


logic - driving ms daisy

Driving Ms Daisy

Somewhere this shit done got crazy
I've just been driving Ms. Daisy...


logic - buried alive

Buried Alive

Tell me how you feel
I feel like the grass is green...


logic - keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves



logic - i love you forever

I Love You Forever

Hold me in your loving arms please
Please don't be alarmed no ...


logic - delorean


Hey boy this could be your life
I said "Hey girl you could be my wife" ...


logic - vacation from myself

Vacation From Myself

I don't need me sophistication
What I need me is a vacation ...


logic - i m probably gonna rock your world

I'm Probably Gonna Rock Your World

Come on baby
Come on girl ...


logic - lemon drop

Lemon Drop

Come get me but don't hit me
I smoke weed so I'm trippy ...


logic - best friend

Best Friend

You're my best friend you're the air that I breathe
You're the love of my life the only thing I'll ever need ...


logic - by the bridge

By the Bridge

Hey there are you listenin'?
I just found a dead man by the bridge again ...


logic - baby


Oh baby you you got what I need
She says she only wants a friend ...


logic - supermarket


Where is my girl?
The one I've been waiting for ...


logic - pretty young girl

Pretty Young Girl

She's a pretty young girl doin' pretty young things
She's a pretty young lady pullin' at my heartstrings ...


logic - time machine

Time Machine

I built a time machine for you
But you always died no matter what I do ...


logic - bohemian trapsody

Bohemian Trapsody

Every night
I grab a little piece of Earth and make it ignite ...


logic - confessions of a dangerous mind

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Yeah I can't get no better can't get no more cheddar
I feel like a king and my queen is Coretta ...


coldplay - twisted logic

Twisted Logic

Sunlight opened up my eyes
To see for the first time ...


coldplay - twisted logic

Twisted Logic

Sunlight opened up my eyes
To see for the first time ...


michael martin murphey - cowboy logic

Cowboy Logic

There's a great American hero we all look up to
When the times are hard and the chips are down ...

Michael Martin Murphey

bad religion - inner logic

Inner Logic

Automatons with business suits clinging black boxes
Sequestering the blueprints of daily life ...

Bad Religion

chris rea - espresso logic

Espresso Logic

If you don't listen what the people say
The people gonna have to take their own way ...

Chris Rea

steely dan - rikki don t lose that number

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

We hear you're leaving that's okay
I thought our little wild time had just begun ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - night by night

Night by Night

It's a beggars life said the Queen of Spain
But don't tell it to a poor man ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - any major dude will tell you

Any Major Dude Will Tell You

I never seen you looking so bad my funky one
You tell me that your superfine mind has come undone ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - barrytown


I'm not one to look behind I know that times must change
But over there in Barrytown they do things very strange ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - parker s band

Parker's Band

Savoy sides presents a new saxophone sensation
It's Parker's band with a smooth style of syncopation ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - through with buzz

Through with Buzz

He takes all my money
You know I'm through with Buzz ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - with a gun

With a Gun

I could be wrong but I have seen your face before
You were the man that I saw running from his door ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - charlie freak

Charlie Freak

Charlie Freak had but one thing to call his own
Three weight ounce pure golden ring no precious stone ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - monkey in your soul

Monkey in Your Soul

I got one and you want four
It's so hard to help you ...

Steely Dan

badly drawn boy - logic of a friend

Logic of a Friend

There's a feast well prepared at the table
And a beast licking holes in your door ...

Badly Drawn Boy

static-x - chemical logic

Chemical Logic

Discover disaster
Dismantled destroyer ...


logic - feels good

Feels Good

I was looking hard for love then I found you
And when I found you I just couldn't help but fall ...


logic - intro


Aight well higher probably right? Fuck it just record it. Who cares?


logic - ballin


Okay it's RattPack 'til my pulse flat
We keep it real no false rap ...


the sisters of mercy - amphetamine logic

Amphetamine Logic

Watch them do
The falling over...

The Sisters of Mercy

fat lady sings - drunkard logic

Drunkard Logic

And the girls go out
And it's a date ...

Fat Lady Sings

action action - analogue logic

Analogue Logic

We are the locust annihilate your redemption
We are clever clever lines...

Action Action

miike snow - cult logic

Cult Logic

All my life I've been the slave of consequence
Wondering how this life could be so intricate...

Miike Snow

toxik - shotgun logic

Shotgun Logic

In the beginning it was once in a while
If you could get it it proved you had style ...


super furry animals - fuzzy birds

Fuzzy Birds

Hamster turnin' round in your wheel ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - frisbee


Locked in a sorry dream
You know we're drowning in designer ice cream ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - gathering moss

Gathering Moss

Lost capacity
For infinity ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - bad behaviour

Bad Behaviour

Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Behavior
Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Behavior ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - mario man

Mario Man

The blim holes in my shell suit
Joined into an absolute ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - hangin  with howard marks

Hangin' With Howard Marks

You and me
And the guy from the Sparks ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - long gone

Long Gone

Long gone
oh oh oh oh oh ...

Super Furry Animals

super furry animals - for now and ever

For Now and Ever

It's been a funny kind of day
Sian Lloyd says the sun will come and play ...

Super Furry Animals

logic and dria - stainless


Motherfuckers wanna get famous
Bust guns and get dangerous (dangerous)...

Logic and Dria

logic and jaden - iconic


Shout out to that boy Slim Shady for all the love yeah!
(Sinatra) ...

Logic and Jaden

ab logic - the hitman

The Hitman

Watch out for the hitman
Watch out - watch out - watch out - watch out ...

AB Logic

logic logic zedd and x ambassadors - transmission


We're smart enough to know that no one gets out alive (never ever)
Hold on to someone close friend ...

Logic Logic Zedd and X Ambassadors

chris rea - julia


Eyes so bright so big and wide
Make you feel so strange ...

Chris Rea

chris rea - soup of the day

Soup of the Day

Well she thinks she's looking so cool
She thinks she's great but she's just a fool ...

Chris Rea

elton john and chris rea - if you were me

If You Were Me

If you were me
And I was you ...

Elton John and Chris Rea

chris rea - johnny needs a fast car

Johnny Needs a Fast Car

Johnny needs a fast car
Johnny needs it bad ...

Chris Rea

chris rea - between the devil and the deep blue sea

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Everywhere I turn it's got a hold on me ...

Chris Rea

chris rea - summer love

Summer Love

Once there was a summer love
Long ago and far away ...

Chris Rea

chris rea - red


Put your hand in the paintbox and choose
Which one says the most about you ...

Chris Rea

chris rea - she closed her eyes

She Closed Her Eyes

She closed her eyes
And let the walls of her prison fall away ...

Chris Rea

The First Time

You know I won't forget
The times we shared together holding hands...

Rhythm Logic


Every man has a place in his heart there's a space
And the world can't erase his fantasies ...

Rhythm Logic

soulwax - when logics die

When Logics Die

And the place of sadness
I occupy with dignity ...


pusha t and logic - wrist


Yeah I've been killin' this shit
Yeah I've been hard in the paint not a single assist ...

Pusha T and Logic

eminem and logic - homicide


Son you know why you the greatest alive?
Why Dad? ...

Eminem and Logic

logic and juto - can i kick it

Can I Kick It

Oh oh oh oh oh oh ...

Logic and Juto

trail of tears - obedience in the absence of logic

Obedience in the Absence of Logic

Victimized indulge in the lies
To have no control is the way of the blind ...

Trail of Tears

pushover - tell me why

Tell Me Why

You're running faster than you did before
Why are you running for the world now ...


pushover - her


Do you know
What it is about you that I love ...


pushover - home


Have you ever been awake all night
And not a thing could take it all away ...


bernard sumner and blank jones - miracle cure

Miracle Cure

It was early morning
And I didn't feel great ...

Bernard Sumner and Blank Jones

stars and blank jones - the night starts here

The Night Starts Here

The night starts here the night starts here
Forget your name forget your fear...

Stars and Blank Jones

brand new - same logic

Same Logic

It's hard to walk through all the places that your life used to be in
So you thought you'd shed a layer maybe try on some new skin ...

Brand New

logic and jesse boykins iii - paradise


Now this that SpottieOttieDopaliscious hella vicious
I wonder where is this hold up...

Logic and Jesse Boykins III

logic and lucy rose - innermission


Sometimes I fantasize about traveling space and time
I think about specific moments that I could rewind...

Logic and Lucy Rose

logic and neil degrasse tyson - africaryan


I feel the Aryan in my blood it's scarier than a Blood
Been looking for holy water now I'm praying for a flood ...

Logic and Neil deGrasse Tyson

logic and lucy rose - anziety


Everything is fine everything is so fine
Everything is fine everything is so fine ...

Logic and Lucy Rose

juicy j and logic - ink blot

Ink Blot

We are we are we are we are
I'm just tryna live my life ...

Juicy J and Logic

logic and ansel elgort - killing spree

Killing Spree

Ass titties pussy money weed
Everywhere I look a killing spree ...

Logic and Ansel Elgort

killer mike and logic - confess


I want what I want how I want when I want it
I'mma keep it a hunnid I'm blunted ...

Killer Mike and Logic

logic and big sean - alright


Hold up let me get my mind right
Let me get my mind right ...

Logic and Big Sean

logic and hailee steinfeld - ordinary day

Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day
Until I saw you crawl around my way ...

Logic and Hailee Steinfeld

logic wale and john lindahl - 100 miles and running

100 Miles and Running

Woo woo yeah
Alright here we go ...

Logic Wale and John Lindahl

logic lucy rose and the rattpack - thank you

Thank You

(This concludes the program)
Damn man we been walking forever ...

Logic Lucy Rose and The RattPack

logic and my dad - bobby


Fame be like like when you rich and famous and shit
They think you s'posed to act a certain way ...

Logic and My Dad

logic and wiz khalifa - still ballin

Still Ballin

'Cause that's uh Seth MacFarlane shit
Orville we on that outer space ...

Logic and Wiz Khalifa

gucci mane and logic - icy


I'm icy I'm clean
I'm icy ...

Gucci Mane and Logic

logic and ybn cordae - mama


Mama look at me now
Mama look at me now ...

Logic and YBN Cordae

louis logic - trinity


[Verse 1: L-Fudge]
I metamorph phrases to glaciers...

Louis Logic

logic and big lenbo - young jesus

Young Jesus

Okay now take a trip inside my mind like you was off to Venice
It's me and B-I-G L-N-B-O cooking like chemists...

Logic and Big Lenbo

logic and sam smith - pray


They never knew my struggle
Rose above the rubble ...

Logic and Sam Smith

logic and big sean - wassup


I'm like wassup hoe?
Where you been? ...

Logic and Big Sean

logic and 2 chainz - state of emergency

State of Emergency

Yeah yeah yeah
2 Chainz ...

Logic and 2 Chainz

logic and wiz khalifa - indica badu

Indica Badu

Yeah yeah
Slay dro ...

Logic and Wiz Khalifa

logic and damian lemar hudson - black spiderman

Black SpiderMan

Jesus black Jesus
Jesus black Jesus ...

Logic and Damian Lemar Hudson

logic khalid and alessia cara - 1-800-273-8255


I've been on the low
I been taking my time ...

Logic Khalid and Alessia Cara

ryan tedder and logic - one day

One Day

And maybe one day I'll be wiser
'Cause maybe one day I'll be further from here ...

Ryan Tedder and Logic

logic and prhyme - mode


Yeah fall in line to fall back
Big L's technique Pun's grammar...

Logic and PRhyme

steely dan - rikki don t lose that number

Rikki Don't Lose That Number

We hear you're leaving that's okay
I thought our little wild time had just begun ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - bodhisattva


Bodhisattva would you take me by the hand
Bodhisattva would you take me by the hand ...

Steely Dan

steely dan - my old school

My Old School

I remember the thirty-five sweet goodbyes
When you put me on the Wolverine up to Annandale ...

Steely Dan

mack goldsbury - it s only a paper moon

It's Only a Paper Moon

Say it's only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea ...

Mack Goldsbury

hidden logic - wasting


save me from this wasting
pull me from this wreckage ...

Hidden Logic

ab logic - the hitman

The Hitman

Watch out for the Hitman
Watch out watch out watch out watch out ...

AB Logic

logic and g-eazy - commando


(Let that boy breathe)

Logic and G-Eazy

dr. alban - away from home

Away from Home

This little girl is a country girl
Left her home and go to New York ...

Dr. Alban

la bouche - fallin  in love

Fallin' in Love

Baby Baby fallin' in love
I'm fallin' in love again ...

La Bouche

juanes logic khalid and alessia cara - 1-800-273-8255


I've been on the low
I been taking my time ...

Juanes Logic Khalid and Alessia Cara

logic and dwn2earth - ocd


In the field ballin' with the team (with the team) oh yeah
In the field ballin' with the team ...

Logic and Dwn2Earth

the stills - of montreal

Of Montreal

The falling freon
It's turning me on ...

The Stills

the stills - fevered


Strange like skin
That I believe in ...

The Stills

bongo-logic - just friendly

Just Friendly

Just friends lovers no more
Just friends but not like before...


dry kill logic - lost


I have nothing-everything's taken from me/ Force what's inside out on those that try to hide/ No give all take –this will bend but never break/ I see ...

Dry Kill Logic

dj logic and jack johnson - rodeo clowns

Rodeo Clowns

Sweepin' the floors open up the doors
Yeah turn on the lights getting ready for the night ...

DJ Logic and Jack Johnson

dry kill logic - nothing


Do you want to
Step to this? want to mess with this? ...

Dry Kill Logic

dry kill logic - nightmare


Something strange I cannot Follow
How you want me to ...

Dry Kill Logic

dry kill logic - weight


And I pray salvation leaves you here
again ...

Dry Kill Logic

dry kill logic - goodnight


And now that I
Face the world with pain inside ...

Dry Kill Logic

john popper and dj logic - lapdance


Take me
Buck and sway like that ...

John Popper and DJ Logic

logic and rag  n  bone man - broken people

Broken People

We're broken people now
We're burning out ...

Logic and Rag 'n' Bone Man

solid state logic - on my own

On My Own

All alone for awhile
We been through this ...

Solid State Logic

O-o-h Child

Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier ...

Trish Vogel

gloria gaynor - last night

Last Night

I've been spending too much time
Living in your world instead of mine ...

Gloria Gaynor

paul van dyk - we are alive

We Are Alive

Have you seen a movie?
Kisses and goodbye. ...

Paul van Dyk

I Found Someone

Don't you know so many things they come and go
Like your words that once rang true ...

Barbara Doust

sabrina - because of you

Because of You

Want to but I can't help it
I love the way it feels ...


jimmy harry vitamin c and dj logic - where s the party

Where's the Party

Where's the party (party party)
Where's the party (party party) ...

Jimmy Harry Vitamin C and DJ Logic

tech n9ne logic and joyner lucas - sriracha


Yeah yeah hell yeah ...

Tech N9ne Logic and Joyner Lucas

moe. dj logic and claudio disefalo - captain america

Captain America

Captain Captain America said you gotta be like me
Or you're gonna wind up dead last ...

moe. DJ Logic and Claudio Disefalo

everlast donald d diva ice-t and diva logic - the rhythm

The Rhythm

The rhythm is both the songs manicle and it's demonic charge charge

Everlast Donald D DIVA Ice-T and Diva Logic

russell simmons dj logic and o.a.r. - king


Hey King
Here come the wanderer ...

Russell Simmons DJ Logic and O.A.R.

l fudge jedi mind tricks and louis logic - trinity


[Verse 1: L-Fudge]
I metamorph phrases to glaciers...

L Fudge Jedi Mind Tricks and Louis Logic

everlast donald d ice-t and diva logic - the rhythm

The Rhythm

The rhythm is both the songs manicle and it's demonic charge charge

Everlast Donald D Ice-T and Diva Logic

chuck d black thought logic no i.d.  and big lenbo - america


Hey mothafucka I'm real as shit
Everything I'm talkin bout real as real as shit ...

Chuck D Black Thought Logic No I.D. and Big Lenbo


Verging nicht diese Stadt?
Die Stille nur ich glaube ...

A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

gza rza method man raekwon ghostface killah inspectah deck masta killa u-god cappadonna logic and jackpot scotty wotty - wu tang forever

Wu Tang Forever

En garde I'll let you try my Wu Tang style
I'd like to try your Wu Tang style let's begin then ...

GZA RZA Method Man Raekwon Ghostface Killah Inspectah Deck M

garry hughes jack daley steve sidelnyk vitamin c andy rogers josh deutsch tabitha fair peter

That Was Then, This Is Now

Some things I guess I won't forget
Like my first time on the night we met ...

Garry Hughes Jack Daley Steve Sidelnyk Vitamin C Andy Rogers

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