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Dustin Lynch

Small Town Boy

Dustin Lynch
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iciI'm a dirt road in the headlights
I'm a mama's boy, I'm a fist fight
Kinda county line, kinda cold beer
Little hat down, little John Deere

I kin...
Kinda give a damn
I kinda don't care
You see that girl standing right there

She loves a small town boy like me
She's my ride or die baby
She's my...

small town boy (3+)

dustin lynch - small town boy

Small Town Boy

I'm a dirt road in the headlights
I'm a mama's boy I'm a fist fight ...

Dustin Lynch

sherrié austin - small town boy

Small Town Boy


Sherrié Austin

josh kelley - small town boy

Small Town Boy

Everyone wants to be a small town boy
With big town dreams in a small town world...

Josh Kelley

dustin lynch (44+)

dustin lynch - hurricane


I knew when she blew in she wouldn't stay
Every now and then God makes one that way ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - wild in your smile

Wild In Your Smile

Hey girl what's up looks like you're good to go
Hop in lets ride take it down this road...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - she cranks my tractor

She Cranks My Tractor

She's a wild rose waiting on me at the end of the road
Between the water tower and the power lines...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - name on it

Name on It

There's a four by four blacked out four door
Ice cold six pack in the floorboard ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - dancing in the headlights

Dancing in the Headlights

You can see the dust from the trucks in the sunset
Heading out down Lazy Branch Road ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - unwind it

Unwind It

I've been wound up too tight I've been running just like
A Chicken with it's head cut off ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - rock you sweet

Rock You Sweet

Just holding your hand while the sea breeze blows
And the waves roll in swaying those boats ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - yeah yeah yeah

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Hey baby it's good to see you again
This party's rockin' let's get you jumpstarted ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - sittin  pretty

Sittin' Pretty

She was sittin' pretty close
I was getting warmer ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - last lap

Last Lap

Hey it was bumper to bumper on the town square
Windows rolled down feel the summer air ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - waiting


She waited for the light to torn green on me and her
She waited for me to speak those three little words ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - your plan

Your Plan

Hello it's been too long
My fault I haven't called ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - sun don t go down on that

Sun Don't Go Down on That

Sundown at aunt Anita's
Bedford holding up white Adidas ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - why not tonight

Why Not Tonight

It's blurred lines and a blue light Budweiser glow
It's a hair down hands up cover band show ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - new girl

New Girl

I see him calling and you just let it ring
And then you turn your phone over you keep talking to me ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - party song

Party Song

Now girl you ain't a pretty love song
Some kind of Barry Manilow ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - state lines

State Lines

Twelve hundred miles and only three days to go
The speed limit signs the stars on a desert road yeah ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - i wish you were beer

I Wish You Were Beer

If you were just another hangover
Baby I'd already be over you over you ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - back on it

Back on It

All on my pillowcase ...

Dustin Lynch

dustin lynch - here we come

Here We Come

White smoke needle hittin' red tonight
Black mascara on some angel eyes ...

Dustin Lynch