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John Butler

Nowhere Man

John Butler
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iciI'm in and I'm out
Alien, from somewhere else
Don't know what the hell I be on about
From here and there
Belong, nowhere
Seems so many know the name.....
The name... now
And things don't seem to be the same
But are somehow
'cause all my life I've lived on the... outside
And now I'm in, but in nowhere

Nowhere man...

nowhere man (12+)

the beatles - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land ...

The Beatles

the beatles - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land ...

The Beatles

carpenters - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

Now when it rains I don't feel cold ...


paul westerberg - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land ...

Paul Westerberg

the beatles - drive my car

Drive My Car

Asked a girl what she wanted to be
She said "baby can't you see ...

The Beatles

the beatles - michelle


Michelle ma belle
These are words that go together well ...

The Beatles

the beatles - you won t see me

You Won't See Me

When I call you up your line's engaged
I have had enough so act your age ...

The Beatles

anti-nowhere league - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man Nowhere Man
You laugh at the things you don't understand ...

Anti-Nowhere League

the veils - the nowhere man

The Nowhere Man

I wonder where the junkies go to die
Are you a friend or just some passer by ...

The Veils

low - nowhere man

Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere Man
Sitting in his Nowhere Land ...


john butler (72+)

john butler - betterman


So betterman I am since I
Come into contact with you...

John Butler

john butler - attitude


Hey man why you always give me Attitude?
What I what I ever Done to you?...

John Butler

john butler - believe


There's no need to cry
Just hold your head up high...

John Butler

john butler - media


What you watch what you read
What you percieve is to be truth...

John Butler

john butler - take


Take take what you want
Take it all I know you want my soul...

John Butler

john butler - what you want

What You Want

What you want to say
Wait till you get home...

John Butler

john butler - treat yo mama

Treat Yo Mama

Verse 1
Don't call me hippy cause the way that I look ...

John Butler

john butler - peaches & cream

Peaches & Cream

Well there's far too many questions to ask
To answer any of them tonight....

John Butler

john butler - company sin

Company Sin

Ben got a job at the Mine along the way
He said everything was fine until that fateful day...

John Butler

john butler - damned to hell

Damned to Hell

Where you run is where you hide
Better hope you're hiding well...

John Butler

john butler - hello


Hello Hello what's going through your head
Hell there boy better get it readâ?¦...

John Butler

john butler - bound to ramble

Bound to Ramble

I walk for miles circumnavigate these lands.
Walking blindly holding out my hands....

John Butler

john butler - seeing angels

Seeing Angels

Why do I deserve such a visit
From the one I thought I'd never meet....

John Butler

john butler - there ll come a time

There'll Come a Time

There'll come a time
When you may want just a little more...

John Butler

john butler - somethings gotta give

Somethings Gotta Give

A little feeling in my gut that I get of late
When I think about these cats running the world with hate...

John Butler

john butler - across the universe

Across the Universe

Words are flowing out like
Endless rain into a paper cup ...

John Butler

john butler - better than

Better Than

All you want is
What you can't have...

John Butler

john butler - funky tonight

Funky Tonight

Girl I don't wanna argue
I don't wanna fight...

John Butler

john butler - used to get high

Used to Get High

I used to get high for a living
Believing everything that I saw on the TV...

John Butler

john butler - daniella


You light me up little girl like the 4th of July
I love you more than every single star man in the sky...

John Butler