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Kate Nash


Kate Nash
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iciShe was waiting at the station
He was getting off the train
He didn't have a ticket so he had to bum through the barriers again
Well the ticket inspec...
In between
All the matter in the world is how much I like you"

She said "what?"
He said "let me try and explain again"

"Right, birds can fly so high,...

birds (1626+)

jerry reed - bird


Well my throat was dry and it was getting late
I was at this bar on the interstate ...

Jerry Reed

imagine dragons - birds


Two hearts one valve
Pumping the blood we were the flood ...

Imagine Dragons

the birds - leaving here

Leaving Here

Hey fellas have you heard the news
Yeah the women in this town have been misused ...

The Birds

jerry reed - down on the corner

Down on the Corner

You'll find me hanging around it's where I'll be found down on the corner of love
Neath the stars that shine and the neon signs I'll be down on the c......

Jerry Reed

prince - the bird

The Bird

Hold on hold on why y'all beatin' on shit what's that mean?
Hold up do y'all want to learn a new dance? ...


elton john - birds


There´s some things I don´t have now
Some things I don´t talk about ...

Elton John

coldplay - birds


Standing in the corner
Studying the lights ...


imagine dragons - birds


Two hearts one valve
Pumpin' the blood we were the flood ...

Imagine Dragons

george jones - the bird

The Bird

I curse the day she bought me that old bird
Squawking talking telling everything it ever heard ...

George Jones

bette midler - birds


"Oh that's so heavy. We're goanna do a a Neil Young song. Neil is so heavy. Neil is so mellow and laid back. I'm trying my best to be mellow and lai...

Bette Midler

kate nash (52+)

kate nash - we get on

We Get On

Simply knowing you exist
Ain't good enough for me...

Kate Nash

kate nash - pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Soup

You're chatting to me like we connect
But I don't even know if we're still friends...

Kate Nash

kate nash - nicest thing

Nicest Thing

All I know is that you're so nice
You're the nicest thing I've seen...

Kate Nash

kate nash - birds


She was waiting at the station
He was getting off the train...

Kate Nash

kate nash - mouthwash


This is my face
Covered in freckles...

Kate Nash

kate nash - merry happy

Merry Happy

Watching me like you never watch no one
Don't tell me that you didn't try and check out my bum...

Kate Nash

kate nash - play


I like to play I like to
I like to play play ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - mariella


I'm heavy handed
To say the least ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - dickhead


Why are you being a dickhead for
Stop being a dickhead ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - skeleton song

Skeleton Song

Skeleton you are my friend
But you are made of bone ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - shit song

Shit Song

It is like I'm always thinkin' to myself
I'd like to meet someone else ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - omygod!


Check me out...

Kate Nash

kate nash - lullaby for an insomniac

Lullaby for an Insomniac

Another day goes by ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - you re so cool i m so freaky

You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky

I’m a waste of space
I don’t understand you ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - labyrinth


I want to say my will is strong
And my kingdom great ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - cherry pickin

Cherry Pickin

Small town cherry pickin' around the town
You were the one I was thinking about ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - rap for rejection

Rap for Rejection

I'm a supid whore
And a frigid bitch ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - conventional girl

Conventional Girl

I'm sick of being the bitch
That you think I am ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - all talk

All Talk

Action action action
Words are only in my mouth ...

Kate Nash

kate nash - sister


There was this cool cool girl
She was about your age ...

Kate Nash