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Kenny Chesney

Til It's Gone

Kenny Chesney
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iciGot nowhere to go and all night to get there
But I'm going there with you
Tonight we're running on luck
If we're gonna use it all up
There's only one ...
Thing left to do

Gonna take a deep breath and hold it in
Twirl you around 'til my head spins
Kiss that lipstick and wear it thin 'til it's gone, 'til...

til it s gone (0+)

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kenny chesney - i go back

I Go Back

"Jack and Diane" painted a picture of my life and my dreams
Suddenly this crazy world made more sense to me...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - please come to boston

Please Come to Boston

Please come to Boston for the springtime
I'm stayin' here with some friends...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - coach


We loved some men we fought some
We won some men we lost some ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - winnebago


Bright blue down-filled sleeping bag
Got it rolled up and thrown in back ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - jesus and elvis

Jesus and Elvis

Jesus and Elvis painted on velvet
Hanging at the bar here every night ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - rich and miserable

Rich and Miserable

Green grass help the cows graze hedgefund 401
Keg and milk and honey in the land of the free ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - some town somewhere

Some Town Somewhere

Train tracks clapboard bar
Green grass wheat field farm ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - bar at the end of the world

Bar at the End of the World

There's a trail of smoke comin' out of a bottle
If you look real close you can see it right there ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - bucket


I ran into a buddy used to be all hypertensive
His stocks were always tanking and his girlfriends were expensive ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - noise


Wrecking balls downtown construction
Bottles breaking jukebox buzzing ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - all the pretty girls

All the Pretty Girls

All the pretty girls said pick me up at eight
All the pretty girls said I'm going to L.A. ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - trip around the sun

Trip Around the Sun

Well they say the sea is rising well that's alright with me
'Cause there ain't no other place than on the sea I'd rather be ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - honey would you stand by me

Honey Would You Stand by Me

If I quit my job for the simple life
Honey would you stand by me ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - someone else s hog

Someone Else's Hog

Well I got a little girl and she's got a daddy
Who's got a lotta money and it makes me happy ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - between midnight and daylight

Between Midnight and Daylight

Their shadows danced closer on the honky tonk walls
As the band plays the last verse to that goin' home waltz ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - paris tennessee

Paris, Tennessee

I may not have a whole lot of money
But I got enough girl for you and me ...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - for the first time

For the First Time

There's somethin' sacred when your seventeen
'Bout a football jacket and a high school ring...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - because of your love

Because of Your Love

Baby I don't understand
How just the touch of your hand...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - grandpa told me so

Grandpa Told Me So

If you don't get in the water you're never gonna learn to swim
He said a snake is just as scared of you as you are of him...

Kenny Chesney

kenny chesney - all i need to know

All I Need to Know

With a little luck this ol' truck will get me home today
With a little more I'll still have this job tomorrow...

Kenny Chesney